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Fictional Characters Meet Unfortunate Deaths in These Darkly Humorous Illustrations

Illustrator Ben Chen’s dark portrayal of how cartoon characters meet their death can be disturbing, especially for fans. 

So Visiblee!!hahaha i can spot the character xD




Isn’t anyone going to mention that the cat’s name is meatloaf?!

hahaha meatloaf is the cat? hahaha

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i wish i can kill his ex.. or just erase his ex from his life… so badd!!!


Love these typographic sandwich wrappers by BVD for a pair of Swedish convenience store chains. (via)

i wish our store sell the food like this so.. wout doubt for us to pick em up..


Pink Ombre Butterfly Heart by Ron and Noy on Etsy.

ron and noy!


Pink Ombre Butterfly Heart by Ron and Noy on Etsy.

ron and noy!


"Large moth soft sculpture made from new and vintage velvets, cottons and upholstery fabrics. A plump body is pulled tight with stitching and ribbed to mimic a chubby moths shape. Permanently stiff wings are folded back and her little legs hold her in a friendly stance. Flaws, age marks,rusty pin marks and odd stitching are celebrated and are to expected. A gentle tea wash lightly ages each piece and pulls all the colours together with inks, acrylic paints and watercolours."

Moths and Butterflies by MisterFinch in Leeds, UK.

soft sculpture! inspiring anything!

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Agony in the Garden, made entirely of staples, by Baptiste deBombourg.

In Düsseldorf Cologne Open Galleries 2012 now.

steplr!!! waw inspiring!

Chocolate Raspberry Tart.

yum resbery tart

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